Truckers wanted

Truckers and experienced long haul drivers wanted

Average annual salary of CAD 50 000 $ (2 year contract)
Canadian transportation companies are looking for truckers to fill a significant shortage (50 000 drivers by 2020). Be sure to consider fees and expenses related to your stay.
Please note: We are not authorized representatives or agents of IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). Our intervention in your file is only for the purpose of ensuring the selection of your application and your hiring.

Our mission

Our mission is to refer workers to companies, for to overcome the shortage of manpower, presenting them candidates having been previously recommended by a lawyer specialized in immigration.

The main elegibility criteria

  • Must be between 25 and 55 years old
  • Possesses 5 years of certified experience as a long haul driver
  • Able to communicate in english and/or french
  • 11 years of recognized schooling
  • No criminal record
  • Have a job at the time of the demand for VISA
  • To be able to assume the payments and expenses of the stay?
  • Valid passport and driver's license
  • These fees are payable during the process, the funds must be available so as not to delay your process and that of other truck drivers


    Evaluation: $625 CAD

    Refresher course: $3750 CAD ( average depending on trucker’s experience)

    Temporary Worker VISA: From $272 CAD

    Plane ticket: Prices vary depending on the country of departure.

    Subsistence funds: Accommodation, food, transportation, communication, driver's license and medical examination (the amount may vary depending on the type of accommodation, if you are accommodated by acquaintances or family, the mode of transportation chosen, etc.)

    Driver's license: $300 CAD

In order to recommend a case, our immigration legal department will verify;

  • The completed form
  • Work certificate of the last 10 years (MM-AAAA)
  • Curriculum Vitae(resume)
  • Passeport
  • Diploma (or certificate)

Relation Canada International commitment

  • Candidate assessment - Legal and professional
  • Candidate evaluation - Legal and professional (admissibility and validation of documents)
  • Guarantee of an employment contract by a transport company
  • Telephone interview (candidate and employers)
  • Support the candidate during the hiring process
  • Register candidates for the refresher course
  • Reception and transport from the airport to the temporary residence
  • Search for a temporary residence within a 10 km radius of the remedial course school
''It's my dream. Driving in USA'' - Mkhaleedy Mwanja
''Amazing'' - Asif Afridi

Refresher course elements :

  • Evaluation of the truck driver
  • Theoretical and practical course (duration 4 to 6 weeks)
  • Accompaniment to the practical exam
  • Truck rental for the SAAQ exam
The evaluation of candidates will allow Relation Canada International to match company applications with trucker profiles.

Truckers who have already driven American vehicles, or those who have already driven in the USA or Canada, need fewer hours of training. As a result, the cost of the course may be lower.

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